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No, No, Never!!! - Songs That Did Not Make It To Eurovision

Rarely a year goes by without some sort of scandal around entries having to be disqualified, singers being replaced and the like. But why? Here we are going to build a database of all such cases, many of which are not as genuine as they may appear on first sight.


France 2006

Virginie Pouchain - Nous c'est vous

What a complex selection process France opted for in 2006, yet it clearly had not been thought through! The idea was to get different singers, all of them new and inexperienced, to compete in the French national final performing established songs. The winner then gets to perform a pre-selected song, Nous c'est vous, in Athens. Lo and behold, the song did not suit Virginie's style of singing and French TV indicated that they would re-arrange the song after the submission deadline. What they actually did was to get the composer to come up with an alternative song, Il était temps, which finished 22nd in Athens. You can download a live version of the original song here. It is understood that Virginie never recorded this.

Serbia-Montenegro 2006

No Name - Moja Ljubavi

Their selection in 2006 was full of controversy! Montenegran boyband, No Name, who had sung for Serbia-Montenegro the previous year, ended top of the scoreboard at the end of the contest a few votes ahead of the firm Serbian favourites, Flamingosi feat. Luis, who won the televote. The contencious issue is that the Montenegran judges awarded little or no marks to Serbian compositions, especially the songs which finished in the top two positions in Beovizija. It was contended by Serbian judges in Belgrade that Flamingosi feat. Luis were the moral winners of the competition. The EBU were invited to intervene but, rightly in my view, did not. The Serbian broadcasters suggested re-arranging a contest with the top 3 finishers from both Serbia and Montenegro, however, the Montenegran broadcasters refused to permit this. The whole issue made international headlines, in the midst of a forthcoming referendum to decide on Montenegran independence from Serbia. You can download the Montevizija, Eurovision and Abee DJ Club remix versions of the song. It is likely that Serbia and Montenegro will participate as two independent nations in Helsinki 2007.

Belarus 2005

Angelica Agurbash - Boys and girls

Full of twists and turns this one! The Belarussian final was open to a public vote with the top three songs going to an expert jury to vote on. Polina Smolova was the public's choice with Smile with Angelica second and Natalia Tamelo third. The expert panel decided to send Angelica with Boys and girls. However, the song picked up little fan support over subsequent weeks and Angelica embarked on finding an alternative song. The Belarussian selection panel were then asked to choose between the original song and two new compositions. They opted for a Greek composition, Love me tonight, which went on to finish 13th in the pre-qualifier. You can download Boys and girls in Demo and Eurovision versions.

Lebanon 2005

Aline Lahoud - Quand tout s'enfuit

Lebanon were scheduled to present their first-ever eurovision entry in 2005 with a haunting, if rather old-fashioned, ballad. Aline and her song were selected internally. As the Lebanese broadcasters refused to screen the Israeli entry and, indeed, make any reference to the name of the country during the broadcast, they were unable to compete and had to withdraw. The song then went on to represent Lebanon in a French language contest which it won. You can download the song here. Now, perhaps either France or Monaco could consider giving Aline a shot at the contest? It would be great to see her there.

France 2004

Jonatan Cerada - Laissez-moi le temps

Belgian-born Jonatan won a Pop Idol-style show the previous year and was pre-selected to represent France. An announcement was made that he would sing Laissez-moi le temps in Istanbul. He then sang this at a concert, however the song did not receive entirely enthusiastic support and a decision was made to send a British composition in its place, A chaque pas, which Jonatan wrote French lyrics to. You can download a poor quality live version here. It is known that Jonatan recorded a demo of this song, however, it was never released.

Albania 2003

Mira Konci - Brenda vetes me merr

Albania, along with Belarus, Serbia-Montenegro and Ukraine, registered for the 2003 event. Initially, the EBU indicated that participation should be fine, however, on review, it was felt that this would require too many existing nations to be barred from competing. As it was planned to incorporate a pre-qualification round from 2004 onwards, they were asked to defer from competition a further year. Ukraine appealed and the EBU included one extra nation in the 2003 competition. Mira won the Festival I Kenges competition in December 2002, the contest used to select Albania's eurovision song. A studio version of the song can be downloaded here. Does anybody have a studio version?

Serbia-Montenegro 2003

Tose Proeski - Cija Si

Tose won Beovizija 2003, the competition used to select Serbia's (but not Montenegro's) songs in subsequent years. There was never any prospect of this going to Riga, although Macedonian singer, Tose, would be asked to sing all eight songs in the pre-selection for FYR Macedonia the following year, making it through the pre-qualifier and into the final. You can download this 2003 song here.

Lithuania 2002

B'avarija - We all

Sounding not disimilar to Go west, this won the Lithuanian national final. It subsequently emerged, some weeks later, that the band had already commercially released the song, in Lithuianian, prior to the date allowable in the eurovision rules. There was no choice other than to disqualify it from competing. It is thought that the Lithuanian broadcasters had not fully understood the rules as a number of the songs competing in the final had also been released earlier. Aivaras went to Estonia instead. You can download the English, English Dance Remix, Lithuanian and Lithuanian Dance Remix versions of the song.

FYR Macedonia 2001

Andrijana Janevska - Nostalgija

FYR Macedonia just missed out on qualifying for the 2001 contest but Skopje 2001 went ahead regardless and Andrijana emerged as winner with this nice ballad. What a shame this did not get the opportunity to go to Copenhagen. You can download the song here.

Portugal 2000

Liana - Sonhos magicos

Portugal were relegated from the 2000 contest, however, RTP, the Portuguese Broadcaster, still conducted a national final which Liana won. You can download the Original and Karaoke versions of the song.


Bosnia-Herzogovina 1999

Hari Mata Hari - Starac I More

This won the national final, however, it subsequently emerged that a Finnish language version of the song had been released 2 years earlier and the runners-up, Dino & Beatrice, went instead. What a strange quirk of events that when Hari Mata Hari finally represented his country in 2006, he found himself beaten by the Finnish entry. You can download the Bosnian and English versions.

Germany 1999

Corinna May - Hor den Kindern einfach zu

Winner of the national final but not for long. Within 48 hours, it had emerged that, unknown to Corinna, an English version had previously been released of the song. Surpriz therefore went to Jerusalem instead and finished in a creditable 3rd position. Corinna would go as favourite 3 years later, only to finish in 21st place. You can download the Grand Prix, Album and Happy Children mixes.

FYR Macedonia 1999

Sašo Gigov-Giš - Sejacot

Winner of Skopje 1999, having been runner-up a year earlier, but can anyone confirm what the song was or, better still, have a copy of it? It did not go to Jerusalem as FYR Macedonia were relegated until 2000.

Hungary 1998

Erika Zoltan - Csak Neked!

Reported to have won the 1998 Hungarian national final. It would appear that Erika was heavily pregnant and therefore did not go to Birmingham. However, there is another contention that she released the song back in 1991 and it would therefore have been ineligible. Charlie, who did not compete in the final, went to Birmingham with a different song. You can download the song here.

Russia 1998

Tatiana Ovsienko - Solnce moio

Selected internally as the Russian representative internally, however, the Russian broadcasters did not realise that they were relegated following recent poor showings. As they did not show the 1998 show live, they were unable to return before 2000. You can download the song here.

Austria 1997

Cora - Vienna

In 1997, the standard of songs submitted to ORF, the Austrian broadcasters, was thought to be so low that further songs were commissioned. It was then rumoured that the song that won the internal selection was Vienna, however, there was no German lyric and the song could not therefore be sent to Dublin. Another of the newly-commissioned songs, performed by Betina Soriat would therefore go. In 1999, Vienna was re-submitted to the internal selection in 2 versions but lost out to Bobbie Singer. You can download the Original and 1999 remix.

FYR Macedonia 1997

Pece Ognenov - Manastirski son

Winner of Skopje 1997, however FYR Macedonia were relegated after not qualifying with their first song the previous year and would therefore have to wait another year before making the final. You can download here the live version from the Skopje 1997 festival. Does anyone have a studio version?

Greece 1997

Dimosthenis Stringlis - An den agapissis, den tha agapissi

This was announced as the original choice to represent Greece in 1997. Dimosthenis was the composer of Greece's song in 1993. ERT, the Greek broadcasters, however, were not happy to accept him as the singer and therefore told him that representation in Dublin would be reliant on finding an alternative singer. He refused to co-operate insisting that if the song went, he would sing it. It then transpired that another song, Horepse, would have been the original choice but the application details were not filled in correctly. ERT went back to the composer and this song therefore went to Dublin instead. It's no wonder they went back to a televised national final the next year! You can download the Eurovision, Radio and Club mixes.

Serbia-Montenegro 1997

Maja Odzaklijevska - Rastanak

Maja won the Mesam festival again in late 1996 and would very likely have, had circumstances been different had had another opportunity to go to ESC. Diwnload the song here.

Denmark 1996

Martin Loft & Dorthe Andersen - Kun med dig

In 1996, 30 countries registered for the final. Hosts, Norway, qualified automatically whilst all the 29 other songs went through a pre-selection process where audio tapes were played to each national jury of all 29 songs, including a jury from Norway. The top 22 songs went forward to the final and known details of the pre-selection can be viewed here. This song won the Danish Melodi Grand Prix and finished 25th in the pre-selection. It has never been released, not even on a subsequent compilation of Danish Melodi Grand Prix songs. The Danish language demo version can be downloaded it here. One of the composers came from the band Michael Learns To Rock, who would have a hit with the English version of the song entitled Paint my love.

Germany 1996

Leon - Blauer Planet

Another to fall at the pre-selection hurdle, somewhat surprisingly, this walked the national final and the subsequent news that it only placed 24th in the pre-selection would lead to a drop in viewing figures in a country which gave potentially the biggest viewing audience. For those fixated on the fairness, or otherwise, of the Big 4 ruling, think carefully about how sustainable this contest would be if this happened too often. You can download the Grand Prix, Extended and English versions of the song.

Hungary 1996

Gjon Delhusa - Fortuna

This tied with the Finnish entry in the pre-selection for that final place in the 1996 contest in Oslo but missed out on countback. It was selected in a national final and you can download English, Hungarian and Extended versions of the song.

Israel 1996

Galit Bell - Shalom olam

Winner of the 1996 Kdam, this finished in penultimate place in the pre-qualifier. It would seem that IBA, the Israeli broadcasters, sent a live version of the track to the pre-selection and this probably did not enhance its chances of being selected. You can download the song here.

FYR Macedonia 1996

Kaliopi Grill - Samo Ti

Winner of Skopje 1996, this finished in joint 26th place with Russia in the pre-qualifier. You can download the song in its Original version and the 5 aus 96 version.

Romania 1996

Monica Anghel & Sincron - Ruga Pentru Pacea Lumii

This finished last in the pre-qualifier and was selected in a national final. Monica's luck would change significantly when she went to Estonia 6 years later and delivered Romania's first top ten placing. You can download her song here.

Russia 1996

Andrej Kosinski - Ya Eta Ya

Another to fall at the pre-qualification stage, this won the Russian national final. This can be downloaded in Original and Album versions.

Serbia-Montenegro 1996

Maja Odzaklijevska - Budi dobar kao to sam ja

It seems that a national final was held in 1996 and, guess what, it was won by Maja Odzaklijevska! Boy was that woman ever unlucky! Of course Serbia-Montenegro were unable to enter due to ongoing sanctions. You can download the song here.

Slovakia 1996

MC Erik & Barbara - Let the party go on

Reported to have been the original choice to represent Slovakia, although Marcel Polander, who did represent them in Oslo, contends that this was untrue and that no official announcement had actually been made. Anyway, you can download an English version of the song here. It would have been great to have seen something like this in Oslo!

Spain 1996

Navajita Platea - Noches de Bohemia

Spanish broadcaster, TVE, initially chose this song to represent them in Oslo, but withdrew it because it was part of the promotion of a competitive channel. Like the song, Ay que deseo! which was subsequently sent in its place, it Is a flamenco song, however this is a much stronger song in my view. You can download the song here. Source: esctoday

Estonia 1995

Evelin Samuel - Vari ja Roos

Estonia were not eligle to participate in 1995 but still televised a national final, which Evelyn won. She would, of course, go on to represent Estonia 4 years later in Jerusalem. You can download the song here.

FYR Macedonia 1995

Maja Odzaklijevska - Ne me dopiraj

A Makvizija contest was held in 1995 with the express purpose of sending the winning song to Dublin, however, for whatever reason, the song was not ultimately entered. You can download the Makvizija and Album versions.

Netherlands 1995

Wia Buze - Bij alles wat ik doe

Like Estonia, the Netherlands had not qualified for the 1995 contest. A radio contest was broadcast, which Wia won, however, this had no direct connection to eurovision. You can download the song here.

Russia 1995

Philip Kirkorov - Karnaval

Word has it that this was the original choice of song for Philip to take to Dublin but can anyone throw further light on this and, particularly, why it was decided to disqualify it? You can download the song here.

Iceland 1994

Sigrun Eva Armandsdottir - Naetur

In 1994, Iceland televised a national final with just 3 songs. Sigrun Eva, one of the girls from Heart 2 Heart, Iceland's representatives in 1992, won the show. The broadcasters were, however, unhappy that the song, as it stood, would not represent them creditably in Dublin and Irish arranger, Frank McNamara was therefore hired to re-arrange the song. In this process, Sigrun Eva was replaced by the other Heart 2 Heart girl, Sigga, who had also represented Iceland in 1990 as part of Stjornin. The live version of the original version from the national final can be downloaded here.

Estonia 1993

Janika Silamaa - Muretut meelt ja suedametuld

One of seven songs which had to go through an Eastern Europe pre-qualifier, where only the top three would secure places at Millstreet. This finished in 5th place and Janika sang all 8 songs in the national final. You can download the song here.

France 1993

Pow-How - Le chat

I have not seen any mention of this in the excellent biography of French selections put together by OGAE France, however, Josep from Barcelona says that Jose Luis Uribarri (the TVE commentator in 1993) says during the transmission "Patrick Fiori was called in at the last minute because the original entrants, the popular band Pow How, were withdrawn as it seems that the song was aired in earlier the group's tour." You can download the song here.

Hungary 1993

Andrea Szulak - Arva reggel

The second of the four to fall in the Eastern European pre-selection, staged in Ljubljana, finishing in 6th place. This was also selected in a national final. You can download the song here.

Romania 1993

Dida Dragan - Nu pleca

Seems to be Romania's answer to Shirley Bassey. Did a Dragact finished in last place in the Eastern European pre-selection and would have been guaranteed nul points had it made it to Millstreet. The song was selected in a national final and she would try once more, only to finish second in 1996. You can download the song here.

Slovakia 1993

Elan - Amnestia na neveru

One of only four songs Slovakia have ever put forward before they gave up. This one was very unlucky and finished just one vote short of qualifying for Millstreet in the Eastern European pre-qualifier. You can download the song in English and Slovakian.

Croatia 1992

Magazin - Hallelujah

It appears that the first Dora was held in 1992, according to a Damaltian website which you can access here. Magazin won ahead of Severina in second place and Doris Dragovic in third. Interestingly, all three would go on to represent their country at Eurovision, as would Maja Blagdan, who finished in 10th place. There was, however, never any possibility that the winner would go on to represent Croatia in Malmo as full EBU membership had not been conferred in time. Along with former-Yugoslav nations, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzogovina, Croatia would qualify through a pre-selection event a year later. You can download an English version of the song here.

Switzerland 1992

Geraldine Olivier - Soleil, soleil

Geraldine won the original Swiss final, ahead of Daisy Auvray, as one of the German-Swiss entries. However, it then emerged that she had originally submitted the song to the French-Swiss selection committee and they had decided not to shortlist it. In re-submitting it to the German-Swiss committee, albeit with a different lyric, Geraldine had broken the entry rules. The Swiss broadcasters therefore decided to disqualify her and offer the place to Daisy with her song Mister Music Man. Here you can download French, German and Instrumental versions of Geraldine's song.

Norway 1991

Heidi Halvorsen - Ett liv

NRK, the Norwegian broadcasters, decided that the standard of the entries for the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix of 1991 was too low, no doubt reflecting on their bottom placing a year previously. They therefore took the step of commissioning a song for the contest, which was performed by a group, Just 4 Fun, especially formed for the contest. Members included Hanne Krogh, one-half of Bobbysocks, and one member of Icy, who sang Iceland's first entry in 1986. Later on, a Swedish broadcaster organised a contest amongst some of the original songs and this was won by Heidi Halvorsen with Ett liv. She released the song and you can download it here.

Austria 1990

Duett - Das Beste

Talk about doing things in style. Get a load of this. When the two singers performed in the Austrian final, the female singer went arse over tit, having not eaten sufficiently. Although completely unconscious for a short while, she soon recovered and the two therefore performed at the end of the final. When the televote was announced, it was a walkover and they won the ticket to go to Zagreb. Days later, it emerged that they had partipated in the German semi-finals of 1988 with the same song but they did not go forward to the final. You can view the details of the 1990 Austrian final here and see that runner-up Simone went in their stead. You can download both the English and German versions of the song.

Malta 1990

Maryrose Mallia - Our little world of yesterday

Malta were desperate to return to Eurovision in 1990, no doubt inspired by Maltese singer Ray Caruana's good result for the UK, a second place, as lead singer of Live Report, the year before. Unfortunately, the rules at the time only permitted a maximum of 22 competitors and they would therefore have to wait a further year, when the Netherlands abstained, before they could return. Maryrose Mallia won their national song contest, which would have selected their eurovision entry. She recorded a version of this with previous Maltese contestant Renato, who represented them in 1975 and you can download the song here.


Cyprus 1988

Yiannis Dimitrou - Thimame

Drawn the ill-fated second position in the running order, this seemingly had nothing to do with CyBC's decision to withdraw. This action was taken after they realised that the song had already competed previously in the Cypriot selection four years earlier, finishing in third place. This was a fairly last minute decision as the BBC publication, Radio Times, advertised the Cypriot song as being shown in the first part of the eurovision previews. (Was the video clip ever actually shown in some countries?) The song also appears on the Norwegian compilation of the 1988 contest songs. Details of the 1984 Cypriot selection can be viewed here. You can download the song here.

Greece 1986

Polina - Wagon lit

Greece were drawn seventeenth in the running order, however ERT decided to withdraw after they realised that the contest would take place on the Saturday before Easter. All the submitted songs were then returned to the composers, a fact that does not support that Polina had originally been selected to sing for Greece with the song "Wagon lit." This information has been confirmed in the recent OGAE Greece publication "26+1 Songs for Europe." Nonetheless, Polina's website, on the contrary, clearly indicates that she was invited to represent Greece that year with Wagon lit. You can download the song here.

Belgium 1985

Mireille Kapellen - Ik was een kind

There was no televised national selection, but it is known that opera singer Mireille Kapellen was the original choice to represent Belgium with a Freddy Devreeze composition. When it came to select the lyrics, Mireille only wanted to sing "Ik was een kind", a lyric by Belgian writer, Hugo Claus. When BRT didn't want her to sing these lyrics, she refused to participate and another song had to be chosen. Linda Lepomme therefore went to Gothenberg, only to finish in last place. It does not appear that a recording of this song was ever publicly released.

Yugoslavia 1985

Zorica Kondza - Pokora

Yugoslavia decided not to register for the event once it became known that the date of the contest clashed with a rememberance day festival in the country, however the Split Festival was won by Zorica with this song. There was therefore never any chance that it would go on to represent Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest. You can download the song here.

Greece 1982

Themis Adamantidis - Sarantapente kopelles

This won the internal pre-selection to represent Greece in 1982. Greece were drawn second in the running order that year, however all the songs were deemed unsuitable and ERT subsequently withdrew from the event. These details have been substantiated in the OGAE Greece publication "26+1 Songs for Europe" published this year. You can download the song here.

Israel 1980

Ha'ahim ve Ha'ahayot - Pizmon chozer

The only time to date when the winning country from the previous year failed to appear in the event the next year, however, it was a clash with a religous festival which prevented Israel from competing in 1980, so, once the date was known, they decided not to register for the event. Nonetheless the Israeli Song Festival, which had selected Israel's two consecutive winning songs in 1978 and 1979 went ahead. There is seemingly an LP release of all 12 songs from the festival, although this is extremely hard to track down. The group's name translates as "Boys and Girls." Details of the national final can be viewed here. You can download the song here.

Yugoslavia 1980

Maja Odzaklijevska - Vracam se

Rumours that Teresa was chosen to return to represent Yugoslavia in 1980 with a song about her homeland proved untrue. In the meantime, it looks as though Maja won Opatija 1980 with this song according to a Croatian website. Thanks to Zeljko, you can download the song here.


Turkey 1979

Maria Rita Epik & 21 Peron - Seviyorum

Winner of the Turkish final of 1979, this was also recorded in an English version, however TRT were under immense pressure to withdraw from the contest from Arab nations due to Israel being the host country and ultimately they agreed to withdraw. Details of the final can be viewed here. You can download the song here.

Yugoslavia 1979

Novi fosili - Sklopi oci

As in 1978, this won the Opatija festival, however, again, it does not look as though there was ever any intention to return to eurovision during this particular year. It was previously thought that Tereza had won this festival with Disco but we have since been advised that this is not the case. Novi Fosili would go on to represent Yugoslavia in 1987, finishing in 4th place. You can download their 1979 song here.

Greece 1978

Robert Williams - Na kseris s'agapo

Two books released in Greece this year clearly state that this song tied for first place with Kyrios Nobel performed by Anna Vissi in the first internal pre-selection of 1978 but this song was claimed the winner after a re-vote. It would seem that a scandal broke out that neither of the composers were of Greek birth, therefore a second selection was commissioned. The song chosen, which was performed by Tania Tsanaclidou, did not participate in the first round. You can download Robert's song here.

Yugoslavia 1978

Oliver Dragojevic - Zbogom ostaj ljubavi

According to a Croatian website, this song won the Opatija Festival of 1978. This was used as the pre-selection for Yugoslav eurovision entries between 1973 and 1976, however, there is no record of Yugoslavia ever intending to send this song to compete for them in Paris. Details can be viewed here. You can download the song here.

Spain 1977

Paloma San Basilio - Donde vas

There are rumours that this was the original choice to represent Spain in 1977, however, I suspect that this may be more a case of this song should have represented Spain! Does anyone have any background to this? The singer would, of course, go on to represent Spain eight years later in Gothenburg. You can download the song here.

Tunisia 1977


Tunisia formally registered to enter the ESC in 1977, however, it is not known whether they actually selected a song. Any information welcomed here.

Germany 1976

Tony Marshall - Der star

Quite an easy winner of the 1976 German national final, however, it then subsequently emerged that the song had previously received a public performance and therefore had broken the qualifying criteria. It was subsequently disqualified and replaced by the runner-up performed by the Les Humphries Singers. It still went on to chart in Germany. The song is available in French and German versions.

Liechtenstein 1976

Biggi Bachman - Little cowboy

Liechtenstein attempted to register for the 1976 contest with this song, however, they were unable to take part as they did not have a TV station. The singer would go on to attempt representing Switzerland in 1979 without success. Many collectors are hunting high and low for this song. It is known that Biggi had a recording contract and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that this exists in vinyl. What a great addition this could be to any future compilation CD.

Malta 1976

Enzo Guzman - Sing your song, country boy

Again, the singer confirmed he won the pre-selection to represent Malta in 1976 with this song. You can download it here in English and Maltese.

France 1975

Dani - Comme un boomerang

It would appear that this rumour originated from the singer herself who is reported to have said that this Serge Gainsbourg composition was submitted as the French entry but later rejected as the subject matter was considered too dark for the Eurovision Song Contest. There is nothing to support this claim in the OGAE France documentation of internal French selections, although she was shortlisted in the final six with another song, "Paris, paradis" which lost out to Nicole Rieu. Details of those six shortlisted songs can be found here. The song can be downloaded in French (a duet with Etienne Daho) and an English version (a duet with Gonzales Feist).

France 1974

Dani - La vie a 25 ans

Featured in the eurovision previews of that year, France withdrew, literally, a few days before the contest was due to take place following the death of its then President Pompidou. The song was also recorded and released in English and German versions. Dani was also an actress and had appeared in the highly acclaimed Francois Truffaut film "Day for night" in 1973. I also seem to recall that the BBC production of the 1974 previews (Commentator: David Vine) had described her as an ex-Paris model. Details of the shortlisted songs can be viewed here, although the site credits the singer as Dany Dauberson, which is unlikely to be true as Dany was one of the French participants in 1956. You can also download the song in English, French and German.

Malta 1974

Enzo Guzman - Peace in the world

The singer himself has confirmed that he won a pre-selection process to represent Malta in 1974 but nothing is known as to why they decided not to take part in the event. It was also recorded in Maltese. Malta also registered for the 1973 contest but nothing appears to be known as to whether a singer and song were selected. Two versions of the song are available here in English and Maltese.

Malta 1973


Drawn 6th in the 1973 competition, they pulled out but does anybody know which song won the Maltese final that year?

Israel 1972

Ilanit - To be confirmed

Israel joined the EBU in 1972 but missed the registration deadline for the 1972 contest. The song which would have participated had been mistakenly identified as "Chayekha Ve Chayai" performed by Boaz Shar'abi but this is incorrect. Ilanit was the artiste lined up to represent Israel, however, the song is not known. It is rumoured that a song was selected and commercially released in 1972.

Belgium 1971

Nicole Josy & Hugo Sigal - Goeie morgen, morgen

Nicole was taken ill a few days before the contest and they were therefore unable to compete on the night, so Jacques Raymond and Lily Castell were flown in urgently to sing the song in their place. 1971 was the first year of the previews and Nicole and Hugo can certainly be seen performing the song with gusto amidst an extremely camp dance routine. They would, of course, get their opportunity to represent Belgium just 2 years later with the immortal "Baby Baby." Details of the national final can be viewed here. You can download various versions of the song including the Dutch, French, Dance mix and 2005 mix.

Portugal 1970

Sérgio Borges - Onde vais rio que eu canto

Portugal withdrew following the 4 way tie in 1969, however, they still ran a national final which took place on 22nd May 1970 after the Eurovision Song Contest had taken place. Full details can be viewed here. When Portugal released a double compilation CD of its entries in the nineties, this song was still included. You can download the Original and Alternative versions here.


Liechtenstein 1969

Vetty - Un beau matin

Seemingly a spoof song released in the French-speaking world but the unanswered question is whether it was actually submitted for eurovision. It is highly unlikely that it would have represented Liechtenstein. It certainly did not register for the French process but there is an unconfirmed possibility that it may have been in the Swiss selection. You can download the song here.

Norway 1968

Odd Břrre - Jag har aldri vćrt sĺ glad i no'en som deg

The composer withdrew his entry following allegations that the song sounded just like Cliff Richard's "Summer holiday", however, the same singer went to London as he also finished second in the national final. Details of the national final can be viewed here. The song can be downloaded here.

Spain 1968

Joan Manuel Serrat - La la la ...

The singer insisted on singing his entry in Catalan which was not acceptable to Franco's nationalistic regime. He was therefore hastily replaced by Massiel and the rest, as they say, is history! There are 6 versions of the song Joan Manuel recorded and these can all be downloaded here. They are versions in Catalan, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Do more exist?

Italy 1967

Claudio Villa - Non pensare a me

As in 1956-1966, the Sanremo winner was selected to represent Italy. There are two theories on this one. The first being that, on arrival in Vienna, it became clear that the song ran over the 3 minute limit and the song could not easily be cut back. The second, and more likely, is that the record was released way before the rules of the contest permitted, and I assume this means an international release. You can download the song here. The singer was therefore given a different song, not performed in Sanremo. Sanremo was also used to select Italy's entry in 1972 and 1997. It was used to select the singer, but not the song, in 1968 and 1969. From 1987-1993, the singer was selected from the top 3 finishers in Sanremo, with the exception of 1991 when Italy hosted the event and opted to pre-select the performer.

Finland 1965

Marjatta Leppänen - Iltaisin

The regional juries selected "Iltaisin" however the expert jury disagreed with this and selected the song the regional juries put into second place. Under the prevailing rules in place, this was allowable, hence this is not strictly a withdrawn song. Details of the national final can be found here. You can download the song, performed as a duet with Lasse Martenson, here.

Spain 1963

Jose Guardiola - Nubes de colores

Original song selected was disqualified as it did not meet the rules of the pre-selection process. Not sure why but the singer was given an alternative song to perform. You can download the song here.

Sweden 1961

Siw Malmkvist - April April

During the reprise of the winning song, the singer got a fit of the giggles and forgot many of her lines. She was therefore sacked and replaced by Lill-Babs. Details of the national final can be viewed here and you can download Siw's version of the song here.

France 1960

Marcel Amont - Tom Pilibi

After being selected to represent France, it was decided that the song would stand a better chance performed by a female performer. Jacqueline Boyer was selected and she went on to give France her second win. Details of the six shortlisted songs can be found here.


United Kingdom 1956

(1) Denis Lotis & the Keynotes - Ev'rybody falls in love with someone

(2) Shirley Abicair - Little ship

Registered for the inaugural eurovision, as did Austria and Denmark, who also did not participate. The UK, however, held the selection process too late to send a representative. The results of the first two songs are known and were published by OGAE (UK) in 1998. Matt Monroe recorded and released the winning song as his first-ever single release and, thanks to Alan, you can download it here.

Texas Lightning song "No, no, never"

Texas Lightning